How 2 weeks of SKIN1004’s Madagascar Centella Line Changed my skin

Disclaimer: these products were sent for review purpose but this post is not sponsored. All thoughts shared on this post are honest and my own. I tried a sample of SKIN1004 Centella ampoule a while ago and ever since that day I have been searching for stores that would ship to my country. Unfortunately, because of war and pandemic, shipping has taken a hit, so many Korean stores have temporarily stopped shipping to many Asian countries.

Luckily, I was given the opportunity to try and test the  SKIN1004 Centella range, so here I am reviewing the product and many others that I had on my wish list.  

SKIN1004 is actually inspired from the Korean Word for angel 천사 (chonsa) . They use clean ingredients . They currently have six active lines :  Centella, Hyalu cica, Tone Brightening, Poremizing, Tea-trica line and Zombie Beauty.

I will start the review in the order I have used these products. For reference, I have oily acne-prone skin. As I am currently on tretinoin for my active acne, my skin is super dry and crusty these days . So my main focus is acne care, soothing and hydration. 


I love cleansing oils. I currently have 4 open in my collection. I prefer them over balms because they are easy to control and don't melt in hot weather (107 C °). 

When it comes to cleansing oil, I look for two things.

1. It should be light in texture.

2. It should have a nice sturdy pump.

This Oil Cleansers ticks both of the boxes for me. It has a light texture which is very pleasant to use regardless of the weather conditions. The faint floral / herb scent from essential oils is quite nice. It washes off completely with water. I have noticed that this easily removes sunscreen, foundation and the majority of my waterproof makeup except the Clio waterproof mascara (that can only be removed with its specific mascara remover). I haven't noticed any new breakouts from using this cleanser. This got 5/5 stars from me. 

You can buy this cleanser here 


Foam Cleansers have a huge impact on your skin's well being. A harsh cleanser can easily compromise your skin barrier. Which is exactly why I like this foam cleanser. It has a nice cream/mask like consistency , a small amount of product goes a long way. This foam up easily. I like the bouncy micro foam this creates. Feels so gentle and nice on the skin. 

This washes off easily and does not leave a greasy film on the skin . For my skin type, it is adequately hydrating and I like this for current transitioning weather. The scent of this one is negligible. Overall, a basic but good product for everyday use that will last me a really long time.

Buy this gentle facewash here


Since I am on tretinoin, my skin becomes flaky and peels a lot, but I cannot exfoliate as frequently as I want because it can make my skin more sensitive and red. I am so grateful that this toner contains gluconic acid, a gentle PHA that can be used every day.

The texture of this is like water but hydrating. I apply this with the help of a cotton pad. The swipe motion helps to remove the dead cells built up on my face. Ever since I have started using this, I have noticed that I get fewer clogged pores these days. My skin looks a lot less flaky and my makeup looks smooth and dewy. For oily acne-prone skin folks, I think this is the best toner you use all year long. 

You can purchase this amazing toner here


This is the star product of this whole Centella Line. It is one of the best selling products by Skin1004. Its 100% Centella Asiatica Content is what makes this stand out in the sea of skincare brands.

This has a water-like texture with a slight viscosity. Out of all the 100% centella products I have tried this year, this one is the best so far, mainly because it is scent-free . It leaves no oily residue post application and  can easily be layered several times on the skin . With continuous use, this has reduced the tretinoin nasties on my skin. My skin does not get irritated or red anymore. I can easily use this under makeup. 1000/5 stars from me.

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This cream surprised me with its gel-like texture. I expected it to come out white but it had a straw brown color. Don't be alarmed by the color, it does not stain the skin. I usually reserve cream products for the night and this proved to be a good choice. This works well with my tretinoin. It hydrates the skin and locks the moisture. So, the next morning I woke up with plump soft skin. 

Because of its gel-like consistency, it can be layered with other skincare products. I have not used it under makeup, but I think because of its fast absorbing nature , it won't cause pilling. I will be using this one a lot this winter . 

CENTELLA SOOTHING CREAM can be purchased here


I will be briefly reviewing this sunscreen here in this post as I plan to post a detailed review on my blog separately, so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

The name 'Air Fit sunscreen light'  is the most accurate representation of this sunscreen. It is light as air and feels like nothing on the skin. It is adequately hydrating and leaves a hint of white cast. This is the perfect sunscreen for all skin types and great for all year long. I plan to stock up on this sunscreen in the future.

You can purchase this sunscreen here 

So this wraps up my review of the  SKIN1004 MADAGASCAR Centella line. I am really impressed with the brand . I highly recommend you all to try this if you have sensitive, acne-prone dry skin. Even oily/ combination skin types are going to benefit from this sunscreen

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