Why Centella From Madagascar Works Wonders On Your Skin

Cica, Brahmi, Asiatic Pennywort, Tiger Grass, Gotu Kola.

Centella Asiatica is known by many names, but is immediately recognisable for its abundant and effective presence in skincare, particularly in Korean Beauty. But what is Centella Asiatica, and why is it so good for your skin? 

Restoring, Medicinal Powers

Centella Asiatica is a plant native to Asian wetlands which has been used as a medicinal herb for generations, known for its efficacy in healing small wounds. It is then no surprise that Centella Asiatica in skincare has the same restoring properties. Extract from the plant has proved effective in managing skin conditions such as eczema and acne. Centella Asiatica contains an active compound called Madecassoside which increases antioxidant levels at the site of damage on the skin.

Banish Signs of Ageing Skin

In a similar fashion, these repairing properties help with anti-ageing. Madecassoside and the antioxidants it provides can help with damage caused by sun exposure, which in turn ages the skin. In addition, it also promotes blood circulation and the creation of collagen, which plays a key role in improving skin elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Maintain the Moisture

Centella Asiatica contains a large number of nutrients, including amino acids. Amino acids are a key moisturizing ingredient, perfect for keeping your skin hydrated. Centella Asiatica can also restore your skin's moisture barrier, ensuring long-lasting results in maintaining healthy skin. 

Why Madagascar?

Here at SKIN1004 we source our Centella Asiatica from Madagascar, chosen specifically for its climate which provides the best environment for growing the plant. Only professional, trained pickers from seventeen certified regions in Madagascar harvest the Centella Asiatica plant, which is then immediately dried out and stored to maintain its freshness. In extracting essence from the Centella Asiatica plant, only the purest, most beneficial ingredients are taken in order to ensure our products deliver the best effects possible to the skin. 

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No further ingredients needed! Apply Centella Asiatica extract directly to the skin and experience all of its benefits.

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