SKINCATION with SKIN1004 - Cosmoprof North America 2022

My first encounter with SKIN1004 was seeing their cica ampoule and toner take over Instagram. I eventually tried these products for myself and understood why everyone loved them so much (ampoule review here, toner review here). Then, I received a huge package with almost everything the brand makes (watch the unboxing reel here) and fell in love with many of the items. SKIN1004 became a constant part of my skincare routine - I have at least one of their items on my counter at all times. They work well for my skin and have packaging that appeals to my aesthetics. If you aren’t familiar with the brand’s lineup, check out their site and Amazon storefront (affiliate link).


When SKIN1004 invited me to be their guest at Cosmoprof North America 2022 in Las Vegas, I thought there’s no way I could go. Blogging is my hobby that turned into a small business, but I have another job as an analyst and July is budget time - I usually can’t take time off until after my birthday at the end of the month. I have two young kids. The list of reasons not to go seemed overwhelming. But with a combined effort from my main job, family, and a lot of flexibility from the SKIN1004 team, we made it work. I went to Las Vegas for a SKINCATION with SKIN1004!

view from plane

By the way, the right way to say the brand’s name is “Skin one - oh - oh - four”, which sounds like “skin angel” in Korean. I won’t be admitting that I’ve been saying it as “skin one thousand four” for over a year, but sadly evidence of this exists in my YouTube videos. I know better now.


Day 1 was a mix of flying and admiring Las Vegas (it was my first visit). Kristina and Sena from SKIN1004 picked me up from the airport and made me feel like a superstar with a very thoughtful skincare and wine gift in the lovely (and fancy) room at the Mirage.


I spent the rest of the day walking around the strip and really putting the new SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Water-Fit Sun Serum to the test. I’m very fair and burn quickly; Las Vegas was 110F and sunny. I have never felt this kind of heat. I’m happy to report I didn’t have even a hint of sunburn. Big win, especially for a formula that’s not sticky, not heavy, has no white cast and doesn’t really feel like I’m wearing anything on my skin at all.

SKIN1004 centella hyalu-cica water-fit sun serum

The desert heat plus air conditioning indoors was an unkind combination, so I double cleansed with SKIN1004 cica cleansing oil and foam, then pampered myself with one of their cica sheet masks before bed. I dreamed about the Bellagio fountain show I saw from the High Roller Ferris wheel and about all the things I’d get to see the very next day.


Day 2 - Cosmoprof day! Since part of a good skincation is resting (stress and lack of sleep aren’t kind to any organs, and skin is the largest organ of all), I slept in! The Mirage beds are some of the comfiest I’ve had. I should mention that I’m a seasoned traveler and have been to more countries than I can count on my fingers, so I have stayed in lots of hotels. These beds were awesome!


After a relaxed breakfast turned brunch, I headed to Cosmoprof to check it out. Once again, SKIN1004 treated me like royalty by arranging transportation, handling registration and introducing me to people as their “influencer superstar”, which still makes me giggle. I do all of my blogging at night while the kids sleep, so seeing people in person was a big change of pace.

SKIN1004 display

I met the other eight members of the SKIN1004 team at the fair - they are a welcoming and friendly bunch. And very hardworking, too - the booth looked meticulously planned out and put together, and I know they worked for days before the expo getting it exactly right. I’m definitely biased, but I thought their area stood out from the rest with its clean geometric displays, carefully planned lighting, selfie mirrors, and even a custom built claw machine! Guests could touch, feel, and test all of the goodies, win prizes in the claw machine or the roulette, and talk to the brand representatives. A picture is worth a thousand words, and videos are worth even more, so I suggest you check out my reels and my Cosmoprof stories highlight on Instagram to see everything for yourself.

But here are some more pictures: