SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask | Review

Hi everyone! I’m back with another SKIN1004 product to review. This time it’s a sheet mask and one I’m most excited to talk about from what was sent to me. Also, it’s been a long time since I reviewed a face mask on my blog so the excitement is quite different. Continue reading to know what my thoughts are.


Contains high-quality Centella grown in clean environment of Madagascar.

Waterlocking gel sheet that holds 70% of moisture even after 30 minutes of application.

Excludes 26 allergy ingredients and 20 caution ingredient listed by MFDS.

Clear and fresh sebum care with corn mint oil.


There are 5 pcs of Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask in one box, each weighing 25 ml inclusive of sheet mask and essence. The essence inside has the same amber color as the toner and it also doesn’t have any scent. To reiterate from my previous review, SKIN1004 products has no artificial fragrance, no artificial color, is alcohol-free and paraben-free.

It contains 51% centella asiatica extract, Mentha arvensis leaf oil (corn mint oil), various forms of hyaluronic acid and other plant extracts. Corn mint oil is from the family of peppermint but has a higher menthol content. It possesses a lot of medicinal properties and has been used to treat skin infections and soothe skin irritations, itching, burns, etc.


The sheet mask has a wonderful fit on my face, kind of like a second skin. The mask is of watergel type that allows it to adhere and mold so well to my face that it doesn’t slide down. There aren’t any uncomfortable edges or curves that are poking my eyes, nose or mouth. The essence itself has a thin consistency and has an immediate cooling sensation present. After 15 minutes, I removed the mask and the remaining essence on my skin was also instantly absorbed because of its light texture with only a few gentle patting motions. I like how this has hydrated my skin, more so than the toner from them. There weren’t any sticky or oily residue left but only a mild tackiness. The remaining essence in the pack I use all over my body particularly on my arms and legs.


I’m truly enjoying this sheet mask from them and I’m willing to purchase this on my own. I can recommend this to all skin types but I think it’s really more suitable with oily and acne-prone skins. I wasn’t able to test how soothing this is to inflamed skin but a high percentage of centella asiatica, which is known to soothe acne and skin troubles, is likely to be effective. For sensitive skin, I advise doing a patch test first because cornmint oil can be sensitizing.

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