SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner & Sleeping Pack | Review

Hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica are two of my favorite skincare ingredients. Seeing them together in any product always gets me so excited. So when SKIN1004 offered to send me some products to review from their Hyalu-Cica line, I immediately said yes! After using them for a few weeks, here are my thoughts.


Brightening, Wrinkle Care & Hydrating.

Your hidden natural glow will appear.
SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Hyalu-cica line.

The Hyalu-Cica line of SKIN1004 has three six products in its line as far as I’m aware of. They sent me the toner and sleeping pack to review. I didn’t have any expectations for these because I haven’t read any reviews for them but like I said earlier, the combination of hyaluronic acid and centella got me raring to give these a go.

Edited to add: As of March 2022, the Hyalu-Cica range has a total of six products. New products were added to the line in 2021 according to a representative of the brand I was able to talk to.

Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner

First of, the Hyalu-Cica Brightening Toner in the line comes in their typical see-through plastic bottle with 210 ml of product. It’s a clear liquid and there’s no fragrance and zero artifical material. It feels very watery but has a little bit of hydrating slip. It has 74% centella asiactica leaf water, niacinamide, different forms of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid), exfoliating AHA + LHA — in the form of citric acid and capryloyl salicylic acid, respectively, and various plant extracts.

The thin and watery texture makes it very easy to be absorbed and layered on the skin. I frequently apply 2 layers of this on my skin but on really hot days, I apply just a few drops. It only leaves a minimal tackiness even if I layer it several times over; there’s no stickiness or greasy residue. I like that it leaves a really soft glow on the skin too. I would have wanted it to give me a dewier appearance but beggars can’t be choosers I guess, because it really fits the humid weather of the Philippines. Even if it doesn’t create that dewiness on the skin, I can’t deny that it feels very hydrating and my oily but dehydrated skin likes it.

In comparison with their other cica toner, the Madagascar Centella Toning Toner which I’ve reviewed earlier in September, I like this better because it’s more hydrating. I think this can be suitable with sensitive, acne-prone skin types but just to be sure, do a patch test first if you think you can be sensitive to some of the ingredients listed in it.

Madagascar Centella Hyalu-Cica Sleeping Pack

Next, the Hyalu-Cica Sleeping Pack comes in a plastic squeeze tube with 100 ml of product. It has no fragrance and has zero artificial material too just like the toner. Its consistency and texture is a light, water-gel type that’s very ideal for oily skin and hot weather. It contains pure centella from Madagascar, niacinamide, panthenol, different forms of hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid), melatonin, ceramide Biom (for supple skin) and again, various plant extracts.

In my experience, the gel texture of this sleeping pack is a welcome addition to my night routines. It sinks in immediately as soon as it’s spread on the skin and it layers so well with any of the skincare I’ve added it to. It does leave a really tacky feeling initially on the skin — not sticky, but will eventually become less tacky over time. It feels so hydrating and soothing that when I wake up in the morning, my skin feels very plump and supple.There are not many sleeping masks/packs that I look forward to using but this is one I have a feeling that I’d repurchase after I empty it. Overall, I think this is suitable too with sensitive/acne-prone skin types however, those with drier skin types may find it not enough.

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