I have already reviewed two sunscreens from SKIN1004 . I plan to do a comparison post soon all the Skin1004 Sunscreens in the  coming few weeks.  This is the third sunscreen I have from the brand. As always, my opinion is honest and unbiased.


A tinted sunscreen that helps brighten and tone dull and wrinkled skin that has lost its vibrancy and elasticity. With high UVA & UVB grade protection, this is sun care that revitalizes.



Tranexamic Acid: A brightening ingredient that reduces dark spots.

Many people cringe at the word tone-up  but I like tone-up creams and sunscreens. My face has uneven tones at several spots, so tone-up creams even out the sallow color on my face. It also works as a no-makeup, makeup base. I use tone-up products a lot in my daily makeup and skincare routine. So I was very happy to see the Tone-up sunscreen from Skin1004

Starting with the packaging, it comes in a similar slim tube packaging. The tube has a vacuum pump mechanism, so zero product is wasted in the tube. Overall, very travel and purse friendly . This got 5 stars from me in terms of packaging.

 It has a mild lavender/ floral scent. It is not overpowering and dissipates within 5 mins of application. Usually, tone-up creams are either white or pink but this has  a skin-like tone/tint to it. It is very easy to blend into the skin . The texture is like a lotion, smooth and hydrating. I have noticed that this dries down to a semi-matte/ velvet finish. Because the tint is close to my skin color, I didn't notice any white cast. Moreover, it does not cling to the dry patches on my face or accentuate the flaky parts in any way.

On days when I don't want to layer multiple base products on my face, I use this instead of my regular sunscreen and, viola, I am ready for the day. The tint gives sheer coverage, so don't expect this to cover up acne scars, but it does smooth out the skin and blurs imperfections.  I also like to wear this for days when I go out grocery shopping or when I am out in the park. This works both as a sunscreen and as a primer. I have worn this under makeup and it does not make my foundation bunch up or clog in my pores.

I am very impressed by this SKIN1004  Madagascar Centella TONE BRIGHTENING TONE-UP SUNSCREEN. It checks all the boxes on my list. If you like tone-up products or you have fair to light skin, this is going to become a favorite for sure.

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